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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding God in All Things

Dating God has become one of my favorite blogs over the past several months.  Written by Daniel P. Moran, O.F.M., it's always thoughtful, erudite, and challenging.

Yesterday's post begins as follows: 

"While my Jesuit friends will likely wish to claim the concept “find God in all things” as the insight of Ignatius Loyola (his community, the Society of Jesus, certainly popularized the slogan), perhaps the greatest exemplar of that slogan-in-practice was none other than St. Francis of Assisi, who, of course, was one of Ignatius’s inspirations."  

The rest is here.

Since I'm working on expanding my understanding of spirituality as interpreted and expressed by folks with whom I've had only tangential connections until recently, I thought I'd bring this post to your attention.  I have studied Francis and Clare a bit, and was introduced to Duns Scotus by an extremely Reformed seminary professor but, in this arena, I remain very much a beginner.

Although not nearly as a much a beginner as I am in certain other areas! ~ to be reflected in tomorrow's post.

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  1. Brother Dan! He is great - what a guy. I had the great, good fortune to actually meet up with Dan a couple of times, when he lived in the area. And he even included me in his podcast, which was a real honor.

    Dan has such an informed view and is quite the intellectual, yet he is without pretense in any way.

    I'm glad that you like his work. And I truly love how big your view is on all these matters.